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Zoe Montanios

Advocate - Partner

Zoe Montanios was born in Nicosia, Cyprus.

She is a graduate of the Law School of the Capodistrian University of Athens, where she was awarded an honours degree.

After passing the pre-qualification exams of the Cyprus Legal Council, she was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 1975. She first joined the (then family) firm in 1976.  After a long maternity leave, she re-commenced her practice in 1980 as an Associate in the Firm’s Litigation Department. In 2000, she became a Partner and continued her practice as a Court litigant.

Throughout her career, Zoe has acquired extensive experience in Banking, Family Law matters, Landlord & Tenant cases and in the Administration of Estates.

She is now the Head of the Firm’s Banking Litigation section and specialises in recovery of debts cases and enforcement of NPL judgements.